Collaborative Game Pitch – Jackal Foot Curiosity Museum

With art by Game Environmental/Lighting Artist Christina (Chris) Spicer

Pitch: Jackal Foot Curiosity Museum

The main character is a young boy who is left in a curiosity museum after closing with no way to escape. The curiosities seem goofy, almost childish, but there’s a much darker undertone to the whole museum. The main character must survive the ghoulish spirits, curses, and demonic presences within the artifacts to escape or survive until morning.

Main Character: Jax

Jax, the player character, is an 8-year-old boy who is accidentally left in the museum after his parents mistakenly take home an artifact instead of him. While looking for an unlocked exit, the curiosities come to life and, if he wishes to survive, he must play their games.

Antagonist: Occultic Owners

While the owners don’t make an appearance, the player will slowly discover that almost every artifact within the museum is in some way tied to the occult. The owners are the last of a group trying to resurrect a demon that’s supposed to bring all of hell with it.

Creature: Curiosities

The curiosities force Jax to play games to proceed throughout the rooms of the museum. Ranging from puzzles to timed events, each curiosity has their own special game as well as their own form of punishment for if he loses. The only curiosity not to talk to Jax is a mask that just seems to be following him around no matter where he goes.  

Game Art – still in progress

With input on environment and level design from Jade Strack

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