Collaborative Game Pitch – Jackal Foot Curiosity Museum

With art by Game Environmental/Lighting Artist Christina (Chris) Spicer Pitch: Jackal Foot Curiosity Museum The main character is a young boy who is left in a curiosity museum after closing with no way to escape. The curiosities seem goofy, almost childish, but there’s a much darker undertone to the whole museum. The main character mustContinue reading “Collaborative Game Pitch – Jackal Foot Curiosity Museum”

Fun Coder Ducks to Keep You from Breaking Your Screen

By Jade Strack Under consideration for publication at Rubber duckies aren’t just for making bath times so much fun anymore. Take that bath buddy out of the tub and put him to work with you at your desk – make sure to dry him off first though! Coders all over are doing the rubberContinue reading “Fun Coder Ducks to Keep You from Breaking Your Screen”